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Fortune Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada More than a Tourist Home Experience … next stop Ireland May 1st - October 15th  yearly

The house has three original bedrooms, all located on the second floor, with an upstairs outside door leading to a second patio and creating a fire escape. Rooms all include writing tables, reading chairs and high speed wifi.

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Community Amenities
Stop by Sonny’s Shop specializing in grocery, convenience, beer, local crafts and produce. Check out Sonny’s Facebook Page and learn all about him and Sonny’s Shop.  

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All guests enjoy a hospitality breakfast with homemade bread and jams. At the dock area,
we offer a fire pit for an evening fire or to cook or steam local lobsters or mussels.

There are always Labrador treats on our menu … breakfast jams like bake apple (cloudberry) and partridge berry. Supper features like wild salmon and Arctic char are often available.

Gillespie House is more than a Tourist Home. It’s a focal point for visitors to the area. The house is adorned with local crafts, historic photographs and artefacts. A walking map shows tourists several self-guided hikes through old roads where one can visit the Fairy Hill lookout, abandoned communities and grave yards. Guided hikes or packed lunches can be arranged with advance planning.

Gillespie House offers an authentic outport experience. Plans for the property include adding a chicken coop, an organic kitchen garden and local fruit trees. A greenhouse is being added for organic vegetables. Soon visitors will be able to collect eggs or fresh vegetables from our garden or greenhouse.