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Fortune Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada More than a Tourist Home Experience … next stop Ireland May 1st - October 15th  yearly

Cod Fishing

Allow us to arrange a private boat to take you on a 2 hour cod fishing trip (the Recreational Cod Fishery usually takes place every weekend throughout July and August & one week in September). Then return to Fortune Harbour, learn how to fillet your own cod and to package it properly so that you can take it home for your own table.

every weekend throughout July and August added to the existing 4 weeks that are now stated

The Recreational Cod Fishery -(usually the last 2 weeks of July;  first week of August & one week in September).

How to Weigh a Cod Fish
(Newfoundland & Labrador style)

Sonny is holding a cod fish in one hand and his nephew, Jake, in the other. The Cod Fish feels the same weight as Jake and Jake is 23 pounds. Ergo - Cod Fish weighs 23 pounds. Simple!

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